2017 Tire Buy Back Program

On May 6, ETM employees volunteered once again for the City of Jacksonville 4th Annual Tire & Sign Buyback event at EverBank Field. ETM employees have been a strong supporter of this event since it started in 2014 and are an integral part to its success.


The Tire & Sign buy-back program is part of the city’s efforts to reduce urban and neighborhood blight from signs illegally nailed, fastened or affixed to any tree or public utility pole. Residents were allowed to cash in up to 40 signs that sprout up on city rights-of-way for 50 cents each and up to 10 tires, for $2 each.


The event was scheduled to run from 8 am until 2 pm, but vehicles were already lined up at 6:45 and still trying to get in at 2:30. A record breaking 20,000 tires were cashed in at this year’s event!


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