ETM's Summer Games

There are dozens, no probably hundreds, of studies that outline in detail the importance of incorporating fun into the workplace environment. Many companies take this collective research into account and systematically and purposefully determine how to incorporate the appropriately measured amount of play into their working environments to ensure the satisfaction and overall well-being of their employees.

At ETM, we don’t do that. The plain and simple truth is that we just enjoy a little play. Given that people spend most of their waking hours working, we want our employees to enjoy working for our company and feel proud to tell their friends and family about our culture. So we work hard, but sometimes we also play.  

The annual calendar at ETM is ripe with opportunity for employees to play a little on the side. In addition to the daily lunch-time battles at the ping-pong table and corn hole courtyard, each year the company hosts an employee bowling league, a company sponsored fantasy football league and a number of competitive fun holiday events geared toward charitable fund raising.

This year to throw a little fun into the mix, and to create a venue to make company announcements, leadership encouraged employees to wear their colors and gathered them together for a lunchtime hamburger/hotdog grill out and some playful announcements about our recent 2017 Summer Games Medal recipients.

What was that you ask? Glad you asked. For a $20 entry fee, interested employees competed in five events that took place between June and August. The proceeds from the Summer Games are being held in reserve to be added to our upcoming holiday charitable contributions. In all, 30 employees participated in the fun, including our summer interns, and were awarded points based on their ranking in each event. Based on their ranking, three employees emerged victorious and donned their winning medals atop the Olympic style podium. Events included:

  • Pool Noodle Javelin Throw
  • Paper Airplane Distance Challenge
  • Rubber Band Archery Challenge
  • Rock Paper bracket-style competition
  • Pine Wood Derby Competition



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