Professional Engineer Training Program

Graduate engineers are valuable members of our organization. We understand that the investment of proper time, training, and tools ensures their success and fosters long-term success for ETM. Because we are invested in their success, providing them with a PE Training program is a fundamental part of our business strategy.

The goal of the ETM PE Training Program is two-fold. We want to assist new engineers with the tools necessary to pass their PE exams, while building their job-related confidence through hands-on exposure, under the guidance of some of the most respected professionals in the field.

Our PE Training Program is a comprehensive experience that exposes our graduate engineers to the Land Development, CEI and Transportation divisions of our company, under the guidance of mentors. In an 18-month period, they are assigned challenging and diverse projects as they rotate through each division, spending approximately six months in each. They gain an awareness and understanding of how other divisions function and emerge better informed about the bigger picture and overlap of our industry and firm.

Throughout the experience, senior staff serve as one-on-one mentors who offer support, provide confidential feedback, encourage the development of leadership skills, and provide professional growth opportunities. Because we understand that professionals desire to be challenged and stimulated, graduate engineers are encouraged to ask a lot of questions as they interact with clients and other professionals. 

Aside from the great amount of experience and knowledge that can be acquired from the PE Training Program, it provides additional benefit to graduate engineers by giving them the opportunity to meet and learn more about a number of people in the firm, whom they otherwise may not have met.  As a result, they establish strong working relationships and know who to seek out for project-related information. That exposure and those relationships prove invaluable in their job.

“The program, as a whole, is a fantastic way to immerse recent graduates in the company culture and familiarize them with what all that the firm has to offer. Graduates of the program can feel confident in knowing they have had the opportunity to explore the various areas of civil engineering when deciding on their specialty moving forward. Exposure to the various disciplines offered at ETM develops well-rounded civil engineers and better prepares them for their future in the industry.“ 

“The program is as beneficial for our career as it is in helping and preparing you to pass the PE exam. I hope to see this program continue well into the future.“ 

“The exposure to the different divisions provides a big picture of the civil engineering field, and helps you learn what you like about civil engineering and what you don’t like.“ 

“Going through the ETM PE Training Program, I learned a lot about different disciplines in our industry. It definitely gave me a better understanding and a more complete picture of what I am working and dealing with every day. I can envision what I am actually designing on paper, and that is a great thing.” 

We are proud to offer this comprehensive training program to our graduate engineers. Helping them develop their individual passion, learn new skills and gain mastery so that they can reach their full potential at ETM is a top priority of our firm. After all, our employees are our greatest asset and helping them thrive has resulted in a thriving company. Through their success, ETM has emerged as one of the South’s premier civil engineering design firms.


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