Forest Street

City of Jacksonville

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Project Dates: February 2010 thru July 2014
Remediated Soil: 111,883 Tons
Parcels Remediated: 386

In February of 2010, the City of Jacksonville began remediation for the Forest Street Incinerator Site, located west of Park Street between McCoys Creek Blvd and Interstate I-10.  The remediation included J.S. Johnson Senior Center, numerous single-family residences, as well as commercial and industrial properties.  Remediation for Parts 1 thru 4 started in 2010 and was completed in 2014.

The Forest Street Site remediation consisted of the removal of approximately 80,000 cubic yards (111,883 tons) of soil impacted with ash containing lead, arsenic, dioxin and PAHs above the project Remedial Goals. Contaminated soil was removed in order to provide a two-foot barrier within the impacted pervious areas across the site, stockpiled to undergo TCLP sampling/analysis, and properly manifested for transport to Trail Ridge Landfill for re-use as initial cover at the landfill.  

During the remediation, ETM in concert with the contractor worked meticulously with each individual property owner to ensure that their property was remediated to their satisfaction while meeting the requirements of the City/EPA Consent Degree. Each property was surveyed and inspected before and after remediation to ensure the restoration of the property to the pre-remediation condition or better.

Upon completion of each parcel, ETM prepared an individual completion report for EPA approval.  The completion reports included the pre- and post-construction survey with the property owner, photo documentation, a confirmation sampling plan, an as-built plan and an institutional control plan.